The Community

Every lot in the High Ridge community is ready to build complete with water, power and phone hook-ups. High Ridge lots are accessed by a paved private road (note: It is a dead end through traffic is not permitted). The development is controlled by covenants and an architectural review process.

The The Cowlitz County Department of Building and Planning is the local government regulatory agency for codes and building permits. The complete file for the High Ridge development is at their offices at

207 4th Ave. N,
Kelso, Wa. 98626
telephone 360.577.3052

High Ridge is an approved large lot subdivision and the plat is recorded as Auditor's File number 3223130. Please see the face of the plat for specific notes and restrictions.

Electric and telephone lines are installed to each lot. Electric service is provided by the Cowlitz Public Utility District. Phone service is available through Frontier. Internet service is available from Stephouse and Cascade Networks.

Natural gas pipelines are generally not available in rural areas. Five companies in Woodland provide propane service and the cost is slightly less than natural gas. Many residents in the adjacent River Run development use propane for home heating, cooking, heating water, drying clothes, etc. The main difference between propane and natural gas is that propane is delivered by a truck, not a pipe.

Water is provided by the High Ridge Water System, a Class B Small Public Water System (ID#AB327N.) The Washington State Department of Ecology has issued water rights (certificate number G2-30226) to High Ridge. The water system has been approved by the Washington State Department of Health (ODW Project #06-0212.) This approval is accepted by the Cowlitz County Health Department and the Cowlitz County Department of Building and Planning as evidence that the system satisfies their requirements. The system is owned and managed by a Satellite Water Management Agency, GPM, Inc. They are regulated by the Washington State Department of Health. Contact person for GPM, Inc. is:

Gary Stuart

The water system is supplied by a series of extensively tested and computer monitored wells that fill a 50,000 gallon reservoir located on lot 56.

Distribution lines and water meter boxes have been installed to each lot. Owners must contact GPM, Inc. for a letter of water availability for their specific lot prior to applying for a building permit. Charges for system development have been paid by the developer. At the time of hookup GPM charges users $1,000.00 to provide and set a water meter and to make the physical connection to the system. GPM manages, maintains, monitors, tests, repairs and operates the system for a basic per lot monthly charge of $18.00 (includes 3,600 gallons). The monthly rate for 3,600 gallons to 16,000 gallons used is an additional $0.003/gallon and over 16,000 gallons used are charged at $0.005/gallon. Average household use is typically about 200 gallons per day which would result in a total monthly charge of $25.20.

As of February 2017 the property tax levy rate was $10.81 per $1,000 of assessed value (1.81%).